Our Manifesto

We all use our personal computers and other gadgets every day. But do we often think how important are calculations and computing for the humankind?

From abacus via Pascaline towards today’s PCs, laptops and smartphones – humankind has always needed calculations to be made. 

The real shape of the Earth wouldn’t have been proven without calculations.

America would not have been discovered without calculations.

A human being would have never gone into space without calculations.

Let’s remind ourselves of the power of calculations with a little scene from Hidden Figures (2016):

As number of calculations grew exponentially, humankind needed to find a solution in order to satisfy the demand. The solution has a name – High Performance Computing (HPC). And it is now on the brink of a major breakthrough: it can, and should become universal

Remember: every time a progress in calculation meant a huge leap forward for the whole humankind.

The universal access to HPC will secure an incredible progress across industries – from Medicine Manufacture to Aircraft Design and Space Exploration. 

Now, a lot of researchers are stuck because High Performance Computing is too expensive. Sky Workload Manager will make it affordable for small and medium-sized businesses, boosting the number of research made across the planet.

High Performance Computing is already helping to create remedies for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer. The universal access to HPC will allow this research to gain momentum. As a result, an efficient therapy for genetic diseases will be found, as Genetics is one of the areas where calculations are most used.

High Performance Computing makes possible things we were only dreaming of before.

Remember the first images of the Black Hole recently published? This would have been impossible without HPC.

Back on Earth, High Performance Computing will help people to figure out the ways to reduce the energy consumption and enhance its sustainable sources. Thus, humankind will be able to live in harmony with the Nature.

We are certain the progress through the universal access to High Performance Computing will help peoples across the globe to break free from the vicios circle of violence and wars.

Peacebuilding, mutual respect, education, culture, science and progress will become core values of our societies.

It is time to break the ice and make the access to High Performance Computing universal!

Up until now, HPC has been available only for states and big corporations that can afford a supercomputer. Unfortunately, this technology is still very far from being widespread: big players make it very difficult for new companies to come with their innovative solutions. They also buy up promising startups and quite often deliberately leave their unconventional solutions die in silence.

This way, they protect their share of the market and profits. Let us admit that their behavior is quite explicable and could be anticipated.


Still, it does not mean we should tolerate it. We believe it is unfair to keep such a powerful tool of progress dominated by an elitist group that only care about their stable profits. Preventing the access to HPC from becoming universal, they take its benefits away from us, our families, nations and the whole humankind.

We at Sky Workflows are ready to provide everyone with the access to HPC

Our project, Sky Workload Manager, thanks to its its flexible architecture, will allow to manage Exascale (10^18 FLOPs) supercomputers and beyond, which means a major increase of supercomputing productivity.

Moreover, its Cloud Edition will radically reduce costs and enhance productivity through independence from Cloud provider. This will make HPC affordable for many more companies compared to this day – you will practically be able to access a supercomputer from your laptop! 

We have the competence to do it, as we are scientists with more than 15 years of experience in High Performance Computing and Global Optimization. We want to contribute to the progress and make this world better.

We have no governmental or corporate backing, all we can rely on are people who want a better future for humankind and this planet.

We are thus ask you to donate to #HPCforAll cause.

We commit ourselves to spend all the donations on our project Sky Workload Manager that will make the access to Supercomputing universal.

#HPCforAll will be a milestone in the history of the humankind. Let us accomplish this breakthrough together!

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