• Great ideas grow exponentially: do not be afraid to work on cutting-edge tech, you will be followed by many others!
  • Science is not an ivory tower: disruptive tech can and should contribute in order to resolve real-life problems, promote universal welfare and equality. 
  • Fundamental research must be encouraged and supported: wherever you come from, you will get a free access to our technology if you dedicate it to science.
  • Innovative entrepreneurship is essential in order to put the scientific achievements into practice and should be encouraged, too. We consider free access to our technology for innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups as our humble contribution to the fundamental research and economic prosperity. 

Airbnb HQ
PhD student

We consider Research and Innovative Entrepreneurship as one of the key factors of Progress and Prosperity. That is why we have decided to provide researchers and innovative entrepreneurs / start-ups with #free access to our technology

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