VitaOptimum Library Subscription

N.B.: The cost of subscription is for unconstrained version. The cost of the version with the possibility to pre-build constraints will be 25% more.

Full Package of VitaOptimum Library includes algorithms both for constrained and unconstrained optimization. Thus, purchasing the Full Package, you save up to 70% compared to separate Integer / Continuous / Combinatorial / Binary / Mixed purchase.

The final price of nominative license is counted according to computing capacities. A discount can be made in case of big purchase.

An extended FREE Trial is granted so that you could evaluate the impact of our Technology on your Business

VitaOptimum Library is absolutely FREE for Researchers, Innovative Entrepreneurs / Start-ups and Young Professionals. We at Sky Workflows have made it a part of our policy and our commitment to the Science and Fundamental Research.

If you have an question, just drop us a line at or fill in the Contact Form.

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